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Paula McNulty

Beaded Bohemian Style Rings - 5 Color Options

Beaded Bohemian Style Rings - 5 Color Options

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Glass bead wide band bohemian style rings that will quickly become  your favorite, grab-and-go seed bead ring that will compliment many boho outfits.  Using a bead weaving technique, the Glass Czech beads create this unique cross hatch pattern and then flows delicately into graduated sized glass seed beads.

🔹 Size: Customizable
🔹  Glass Czech beads
🔹 Glass Seed beads
🔹 Gold and matte bronze delica beads
🔹 Front width: 20 mm (3/4 inch)
🔹 Band width: 14 mm (0.55")

These beaded rings are smooth and very comfortable in design and slides on with ease. These boho rings can lay flat for storage which make them great for travelling.

Sophisticated, sleek and for today's bohemian women,

Available in 5  colors and various sizes.

NOTE: On check out, leave a message to indicate what size you would like to order.

ORDERING NOTE: These rings are not adjustable. Order a size that will be snug, but comfortable.  In time the ring will have some 'give' as the waxed thread relaxes.  It is important to remove your ring before washing hands to prolong the integrity of the thread.

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