About Us

The language of jewelry...

Imagine owning a piece of handcrafted artisan jewelry that is so unique it stands out in a crowd, and draws so much attention that invites many compliments and questions. They want to know what it's made of, and to learn about the story behind the piece.  Isn't it flattering to know that they are really learning about you whilst you talk about your jewelry?  The designer beaded embroidery jewelry and accessories at Paula McNulty Designs inspire such conversations and connections through each individual sewn bead, and hand sculpted clay creation.

A piece of handmade jewelry or hair accessory can provide a window into your personality and tells the on-looker part of your story.  That’s the feeling Paula McNulty Designs aims to provide our customers with designer bead jewelry and accessories that evoke a feeling and reflects you in each of our handcrafted pieces. 

Long Island, New York Artisan

Hi, my name is Paula, and I am the designer and owner at Paula McNulty Designs.  I live in Long Island, NY with my husband and 4 children. I have been beading and creating handmade jewelry for over 14 years. What started off as a personal creative outlet, creating bead weaving jewelry, evolved into a love of designing and making intricately artistic bead weaving and bead embroidery jewelry. Along this journey of discovery, I fell in love with polymer clay. Working with this medium opened a whole new world of endless creativity with unique focal designs that enhanced the beadwork, and offered a lightweight alternative to gemstone jewelry. This ultimately led me to the expansion of my offerings in the way of fascinating art hair accessories & jewelry for women and men.

Designer Beaded Embroidery Jewelry and Accessories

Using mixed media in my designs inspires me to create, for you, interesting and exclusive pieces of jewelry and accessories you won’t find anywhere else.  I love to merge international influences, art, inspiring architectural shapes into my designs, and mix styles and genres to offer my customers a new form of expression.  I encourage you to reach out to me if you would like to expand on a design further, and work with you to make a custom reflection of you.

Paula, Owner and Designer