Artisan Jewelry And Hair Accessories

Welcome to my store! Here you will find a treasure trove of handcrafted beaded jewelry and polymer clay hair accessories that will delight the eyes and intrigue the mind. Transport yourself to fantasy realms with luscious metallic colors and curious designs. Have fun, be inspired, and most of all, enjoy browsing!

Fairy Wing Earrings

A collection of the lightest, prettiest fairy wing earrings. Whether you are going for an earthy fairy grunge look or an ethereal aesthetic, you will find the perfect earrings for your style.


Spring has sprung and its time for the ground to flourish with life. The cottagecore collection features mushroom, floral and insect themed pieces in a whimsical style.

Multimedia collage

Beaded Jewelry

Exquisite handcrafted beaded artisan jewelry designs created with bead embroidery and bead... 


Unique celestial inspired artisan jewelry including handcrafted sun and moon necklaces, brooches,...