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How to adjust clip on earrings for a more comfortable fit - with video

You’ve just found the perfect pair of clip on earrings but you can’t wear them for longer than an hour.  Ouch! They are too tight and are pinching your ears, or your clip on earrings are sliding down and are too loose. What do you do? Read on to see how to adjust clip on earrings at home without using any special tools.

Types of clip on earrings 

Clip earrings are a great alternative for women without pierced ears. They allow you to wear fashionable earring designs without the hassle or pain of getting your ears pierced. 

There are several types of clip-on earrings.  The most popular styles you will find in stores are hinge, paddle back, screw back, spring hoop and magnetic. 


How to adjust both a tight fitting and loose fitting clip on earrings

In the short video below, I will show you how to adjust clip on earrings using the popular hinge clip-on component whether they are too tight and pinching your earlobe, or if they are too loose and are sliding down.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/H3CdLG81xsE?si=cArKY0kf86sTu2lN

Adjusting a tight fitting clip on earring

Adjusting the Pad

The first step to opening up a tight fitting clip on earring is to open the hinge earring. Carefully hold the hinge with one hand and use your index finger and thumb on the pad (or hood) of the clip.  This is the part that touches the back on your earlobe.  Press gently.  This may take a few attempts to create space between the back pad and the front pad of the earring.

Adjusting the front of the earring

Open the hinged earring and place your index finger thumb around the either side of the hinge.  With your other index finger on the inside of the front of the hinge, very gently press outwards.  It is important to press gently as you will be putting stress on the "U" bend of the earring. Take your time. Less is more here. This should create more space between the front and back pad. 

Adjusting a loose fitting clip on earring

Don’t toss your favorite clip on earrings because they slide down your earlobe.  You can fix them in just a couple of steps.

Decreasing space from the front of the earring

Open the hinged earring and place your index finger in the “U” bend of the hinge.  With your other finger and thumb, placed on the outside of the front of the earring, press very gently toward the your opposite index finger. Press very gently.  Take your time and do small presses so as to not put too much pressure on the ‘U” bend of the earring.

Adjusting the Pad of the Earring

If after using the above technique you still have a gap between the two ear pads, you can use the same technique as when tightening the earring by adjusting the back pad. Using your index finger and thumb gently pull the pad from underneath toward the front of the earring.

An extra tip for all day earring comfort

For additional comfort for all-day wear of your clip-on earrings you can apply clip earring cushion pads.  These cushion pads are commonly made from silicone and slide onto the back pad of the earring.  


This adds another cushion layer to make the earrings more comfortable for all day wear. They come in various sizes depending on the style of clip on earring.  Here is the pad style for the hinge clip on earrings on Amazon.com - silicone clip on earring comfort pads (this is not an affiliate link).

Snap! You're ready to rock those clip earrings

Wearing earrings without pierced ears doesn't have to be painful. Today, you have so many choices for fashionable earrings just like women who have their ears pierced. 

At Paula McNulty Designs the majority of earrings offered for pierced ears can be converted to ear clips and with these simple steps on, how to adjust your clip on earrings, you will be able to wear your earrings comfortably all day long.

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If you have any questions on adjusting your clip on earrings, please leave a comment below and I'll be happy to answer them.



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