Blue Moon Goddess Necklace


🔹 One-of-a-kind
🔹 Polymer clay dark silver blue moon face
🔹 Size 50 mm x 50 mm (just shy of 2″)
🔹 Bead embroidery pendant
🔹 Blue fire polish beads
🔹 Light gray, black and light pewter seed beads
🔹 Reverse of pendant – navy blue ultra suede
🔹 Hand beaded seed bead chain in light pewter 20.5″ long
🔹 Chain has blue fire polish embellishments
🔹 Clasp: hand beaded ball and loop clasp.

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This stunning moon goddess necklace, with a sleeping moon face, is a one-of-a-kind  handcrafted piece of wearable art.

Sculpted from lightweight polymer clay, the peaceful sleeping moon is hand painted in metallic blue and silver and is surrounded with beautiful hand bead embroidery. This celestial pendant measuring 50 x 50 mm (shy of 2 inches in diameter) bead embroidered pendant is beaded with glass  fire polish beads with hint of bronze sparkle and light gray, black and light pewter glass seed beads.

The reverse of the pendant is finished with a rich navy blue ultra suede fabric that is soft against the skin.

The 20.5″ long necklace chain is hand beaded with light pewter seed beads using two woven stitches with fire polish bead detail. The chain is completed with a unique contrasting colored beaded ball clasp.

Bring out your inner Luna or Selene goddess with this truly striking celestial moon necklace!

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